FFF Winner, Crime After Crime – Feted

Crime After Crime, one of the Women In Film Foundation’s 2010 Film Finishing Fund Grant has won the National Board of Review Freedom of Expression Award.

Crime Time

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We congratulate producer-director-editor Yoav Potash, the rest of the production team and the documentary’s subject Deborah Peagler.

“THIS RIVETING AND DEVASTATING DOCUMENTARY follows the sustained efforts of two land-use attorneys who decide to take on the case of a woman incarcerated for years due to her role in the death of an abusive boyfriend. It relates a great miscarriage of justice—but also one of heroic legal perseverance, with a surprisingly colorful cast of characters.”
New York MagazineCRITICS’ PICK

“IT’S HARD TO IMAGINE A BIGGER BOMBSHELL being dropped in the lap
of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office than “Crime After Crime.”

“…A TREMENDOUSLY MOVING STORY, strong in social commitment and deftly woven out of years of footage.”
The Hollywood Reporter


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One thought on “FFF Winner, Crime After Crime – Feted

  1. Ed Griffin says:

    Sounds very interesting. I’ll look for the movie

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