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Want to Write a Guest Post for Women and Hollywood?

Change Agents: Creating Tangible Social Change...

Change Agents: Creating Tangible Social Change: How to Move People to Action (Photo credit: Average Jane)

by Melissa Silverstein

I’m looking to diversify the voices and experiences of people on the site.  As you can tell there are already a variety of guest posts on the site, but I want to be a bit more proactive.  If you have a story, experience or idea and you think it would make a guest post, this is your chance to go for it.  I believe it is imperative that we get diverse voices of women working in the field out to the world so they can see the great talent that often goes overlooked.


Here are some keys and rules for guest posting. 

  • Only posts about women and issues related to entertainment and pop culture will be considered.  But keep in mind this site is not interested in who is wearing who or who is dating who.  Nothing related to any products will be considered.
  • No press releases masquerading as posts.
  • Make it real and honest in your own voice and relevant.  Please be familiar with the tone of the site. 
  • Don’t make it longer than 700 words.
  • Submit it in text format.
  • Send links you would like embedded into the post next to the location you want them embedded (I will embed).
  • Attach an image with the post.
  • Make sure to give it a title.
  • Make sure to send a one line bio and a link to your site or film.
  • Make sure to include anything about when and where the film opens or when or what channel the TV show will be on.
  • Please don’t use this guest post to fundraise.  Posts that focus on fundraising will not be considered.

Keep in mind that submitting a post is not a guarantee that it will be used.  All posts will be edited.  Also, there will be no compensation for guest posts.  Sorry.

Send all guest post to melissa@womenandhollywood.com

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